I make hand-crafted beaded jewelry and accessories. There are many bracelets, book marks and earrings available. I can make key chains and cell phone charms as well. If you are interested in an item that you don't see, feel free to ask me about it. I can make items to order.


  • Crackle bracelets are made with quality glass crackle beads. The color and crackle pattern of beads vary, which is part of what makes them so pretty. No two Beads are exactly alike!
  • Sizes are approximate.
  • Unless stated otherwise, all metal parts of jewelry are silver color. Many silver items are silver plated, but some items are sterling silver or other metal. The baby animal bracelet chains are stainless steel. 
  •  Gold items are not real gold.

About me:

I am a crafter, amateur artist and writer, living with my sweet kitty-cat. I love to write and am available to freelance. If you need a writer, I can write about many subjects, but will not write about religion or things that are against my political or moral views.

I welcome your support of my blog through donations, if you are so inclined, since I do not make a living by blogging. Thanks for your support!

More to come!

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  1. Nice web site!!! I have a web-site as well, if you would like to take a peek ... the link is www.gotjewelry.blogspot.com ...... maybe we can share each others sites,I put some of my stuff on your site & vice versa, just something to think about, we are in the same business, & we could be assets to each other!!! My email is on my web-site, so please feel free to email me & we can help each other... Hope to hear from you soon, Pam :-)